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Zuma Band, from Zimbabwe, have been playing together since 2001. "Afrocoustics",as they call their genre, is a fusion of guitar and traditional African acoustic instruments, the mbira (thumb piano from Zimbabwe), the marimba (Mozambique) the djembe/bongo (West Africa) and the congas. Bongo Love is a unique blend of Afrobeat fused with traditional Zimbabwean style music performed by musicians immersed in a globally influenced musical perspective. Their original songs and vibrant dances have captured audiences for nearly a decade making them one of Southern Africa's most diverse bands.

Since 2001, Bongo Love has risen fast in popularity.

In March 2006 they won the national prize of the Music Crossroads Festival in Zimbabwe and were selected to participate in the Interregional Festival of Music Crossroads that took place in Maputo, Mozambique. Here they won the Ethno Music Prize. As a result, they were invited to perform in Sweden and the Dominican Republic, leading to their first major tour of the United States in 2007.

Since that time they have traveled extensively in the United States as well as several African countries playing on a variety of stages including festivals, camps, clubs, and private social functions.