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Alyssa and David are truly the epitome of a dynamic duo. Their work has taken them nearly all over the world, granting David and Alyssa Gray the pleasure of performing with celebrities such as Deborah Gibson, Kristen Chenoweth and Vanessa Williams. Alyssa was trained by five veterans of the Moscow Circus at Acro Sports, and by internationally recognized Master trainer Mr. Lu Yi at The Circus Center. Having practiced gymnastics almost his entire life, David trained with Master Lu Yi as well, to transfer his gymnastic skills in to circus skills.

Together they perform doubles aerial silks, doubles straps, doubles balancing and their newest act, the wheel of death.


The duo can be booked separately or together, depending on the request. Alyssa performs a variety of aerial acts such as silks, hoop, hammock as well as unique apparatuses. David’s specialty is aerial straps but he performs a variety of aerial acts. They can perform for parties, events, conventions, festivals, and nightclubs and be part of the ambiance for the night.