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What is The Sound Collage, exactly? Let's start with "The Sound." Everything you hear is being created by the human voice. There are no instruments being used. Simple and clean. But TSC takes this concept a bit further in its execution of the A cappella approach - which brings us to the "Collage."

Layers and Loops. Much like an actual collage, the music of TSC is comprised of many overlapping layers of well-known songs, all carefully coordinated to fit together perfectly. From classic to current, TSC interweaves its musical selections with a high level of vocal mastery. TSC also makes use of the concept of "vocal looping," done by Joshua Danger. Using technology, he creates a vocal beat, which is then set to "loop," much like the drums of any track you may hear on the radio. From there, more loops and layers are created, giving the foundation over which TSC sings. The effect is intriguing, as the sound builds before you very eyes and ears. There is a beautifully orchestrated spontaneity to the sound, and each performance is unique.