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The Living Garden is an award winning live performance company produced by 2nd Nature Productions. Established in 1999, The Living Garden has performed internationally in a broad spectrum of areas within the entertainment world. Some of these areas include private and corporate events, theme parks, trade shows, botanical gardens, zoos, festivals and film. The Living Garden is a unique entertainment experience, where Art comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction.

The Living Fountain - A statue of a beautiful woman who transforms herself with magical elegance into a Living Fountain. As music plays, delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips and a shimmering spray cascades from the top of her head in this beautifully choreographed performance. Indoors or outdoors the Living Fountain makes for a truly enchanting experience.

Mayan (Rain Forest) Fountain - Her hair is festooned with feathers and flowers and her dress is accented in flora and jewelry. She performs a ritualistic and high-energy dance as fountains of water spring up in front of her. The Mayan Princess interacts with the shooting fountains throughout the show, as jets of water emerge out of her fingers and the crown of her head in a mesmerizing dance with water.

Lea the Luau Fountain - Combining traditional and contemporary dance of the Polynesian Islands with the beauty and magic of the Living Fountain, Lea will enhance any Beach Party or Island Themed event. Sparkling streams of water shoot from her fingertips accentuating her lovely hand movements. Whether she is dancing to the serene songs of the Hawaiian Islands or shaking to the rhythms of Tahitian drums, Lea is an exciting addition to your next luau.

The Black Widow - A hard rock Vamp with a ravenous appetite! Modern and chic, dark and dangerous, the Black Widow's dance is sultry and seductive, high energy and wild. With her self-contained stage, music and lights, she will pull you into her silky web of desire and then leave you... wanting more!

The Geisha Fountain – Situated on a bridge that spans a small pond, The Geisha produces two fans with a dramatic flourish, cutting and caressing the air in a traditional dance. Suddenly, two bubbling jets of water playfully rise and fall beside her. Intrigued, the Geisha immerses her hands in the streams and is astonished to see delicate jets of water magically emerge from her fingertips. Moving to the music she creates a lovely dance as the water flows around her. In a dramatic crescendo, the Geisha ends the performance with exciting Taiko-like music and movements. A beautiful and breathtaking performance.

Fountain and Mercury – Magic happens on a moonlit night as the god Mercury embodies the figure of a bronze statue to celebrate an evening with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Mercury does an amazing dance hoping to impress Aphrodite. Aphrodite, in the form of a beautiful fountain, flirts and entices the smitten messenger into her arms. Mysterious forces of nature weave these elements together in a compelling tapestry of music, art and dance.