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SpinFX is a proud leader of innovative LED cirque performance technique and technology. Our goal is to meet the needs of entertainment professionals worldwide to create unforgettable, multi-dimensional visual light show experiences. We offer you the perfect package of talent, technology, innovative concepts, unique marketing opportunities, and conversation-starting performances that make your production pop. SpinFX™ delivers unparalleled sensory experiences through an innovative form of live performance art: LED-enhanced prop dancing with customizable graphic displays.

Our advanced LED performance devices showcase messages, patterns, icons and logos of your choice while adding an extraordinary ambiance to your event. This proprietary technology allows us to bring our clients' ideas to life before people's eyes. It's simple. You tell us what you want and then we get to work! We program our smart tools to depict your desired images, words & logos in an intelligent LED display around our dancers at your event. Multiple props and performers can be used to create even more elaborate shows and a playful panorama of synched graphics. Our performers' seamless movements and choreography work in conjunction with our illuminated props resulting in a spectacular visual extravaganza.