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Dennis Friebe is an Orlando based magician named Kardenni (Car - Denny). He born in Bad Nauheim, Germany but mainly works in the United States. Although he has found himself in Germany, Spain, England, Portual, The Bahamas and the depths of Canada. He arrived in Portland, Oregon in 1994. There he began to study and learn the art of magic and acting. Being a fan of vaudeville and character driven performances he adopted the nickname they gave him back then, Kardenni. The name pays homage to famous master magician Cardini. Kardenni honed his art and skills as a magician in the Portland area at magic shops, events and restaurants. The NW was the perfect environment to create the foundation of his style. He's traveled across the US include: major corporate events, trade shows, fairs and theatres. Kardenni has been honored to receive multiple international awards for his performances. After touring Europe for a couple of years, Discovery Cruise Line had him as their resident magician in 2008. Then, 2010 hit with a bang and he found myself in one of the top entertainment destinations and the most magical place in the world; Orlando, Florida. Currently you can see him regularly at the Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk Resort.That's his story and we're stickin' to it.