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Born and raised Ukrainian, Vladymyr has conquered the world of flair bartending by taking the discipline into a whole other level. Today, he redefines his world-class skills as tools for both art and entertainment in the world of flair.

The Beginning -- Ukraine, 2002—2006

Vladymyr came across the bartending world in his native town of Yalta at 19; two years later he discovers flair and adapts it to his profession in a heartbeat.

His passion and determination to become a worldwide master of flair bartending drove him to Odessa in 2004, where he kept honing his skills and even teaching at a bartending school. His prowess quickly spread throughout the Ukrainian circuit and he soon got sponsored by Sobieski Vodka.

In a highly-successful 2006, he’s invited to join Team Planet Z from Kiev, moving once again in pursue of a dream. The capital brought him great opportunities, taking the local flair bartending scene by storm, fighting for his 7th championship, getting to grand finals in London Roadhouse for two years in a row and becoming the grand champion at the 40th Bacardi Grand Prix World Championship in Turin, Italy. He also beat one of the greatest flair bartenders of all time, Christian Delpech.

Chasing the Dream -- Viva Las Vegas!, 2007—present

In early 2007 Vladymyr traveled to Las Vegas to compete for his second time on American soil; his participation in “Best of the West” got him acclaim and recognition from the manager of a new flair-exclusive bar in Las Vegas. Being offered sponsorship for a work visa, Vladymyr took the opportunity and a new journey began.

Being as experient as he is, Vladymyr re-discovered the wonders of the profession once again by comprehending entertainment as the core of flair bartending. It’s not about the tricks, it’s about the people that make you a star.

Vladymyr currently has a busy travel agenda, showcasing his expertise and sharing his work philosophy all around the world, giving master classes and performing for personal events, among other flair-related activities.

With over 50 competitions and over 30 world championships under his belt, you can be pretty sure that Vladymyr is achieving a Legendary status in the flair bartending circuit.


Vladamyr can perform solo or with multiple flair bartenders. He is available for parties, private events, conventions, festivals, and nightclubs.