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Born in the city of Valencia Venezuela, son of Italian mother and Venezuelan father, DanniG started gymnastics at the age of 4, competing around the country until the age of 14. He took up second hobbies such as rollerblading and martial arts, winning second place in 2 nationals [kumite]. At the age of 19 DanniG qualified in the top 20 in the world as an in line skater. His career in America began in Orlando, Florida where he worked for companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Anti Gravity. From there, DanniG moved to New York to start a 4 year contract with Cirque du Soleil as a skater, tumbler, and actor. Now, DanniG is living in Los Angeles where he works as a stuntman, circus acrobat, skater, dancer, DJ, and photographer. Among his many accomplishments, DanniG has performed for President Obama, the King of Malasya, the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, the BET Awards, Disney's film Enchanted, the LXD, and many more prestigious places and events all over the world.