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Angelo Munji is a Singer/Songwriter born and raised from Matawan, New Jersey. The love of music has always been a defining characteristic of the Munji Family, beginning with his grandfather, Emilio Falcon Munji, who introduced him into the arts.

At the age of 13, Angelo acquired the passion for music and was inspired by his grandfather to play instruments such as the piano and guitar. At the age of 14, he began writing his own songs. Around 2008, Angelo received the name "Guitarboy" after coming in as first runner-up in a singing competition where he was the only contestant who bought a guitar to accompany his performance.

Shortly after the competition, Angelo decided to share his talents with the world by uploading videos onto YouTube as "Guitarboy702." This included videos of originals and covers of songs from well-known artists hoping to inspire others to follow their own dreams. Angelo has performed around the Las Vegas scene at school events, concerts, talent shows, and local venues to continue pursuing his dream.